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When you have sent us an e-mail, we have confirmed your order and we have received your payment, we will ship the item as soon as possible – normally within 1 or 3 business days.

The products will be sent by DAO.

We ship all of our products from our warehouse, in Aarhus, Denmark. We are always want the best customer service so we try to ship your order(s) as fast as possible.


We currently ship all our orders with DAO, so the shipping process will take 2-5 business days before it arrives to a local DAO pickup spot nearby you (Denmark).

Currently we only ship to Denmark, but please contact us for global shipping.

If you order bigger items such as furniture, we will contact you about the shipping process.

If you don't pick up your order at your local DAO pickup spot, your order will not be refunded.

We will send your order in a paper bag or box, so that we can avoid using plastic in our shipping process.

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