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  • Archive 404 upcycles shoes and stilettos from vintage Sneakers and stilettos. The shoes are upcycled by hand in Aarhus.


    The shoes are fragile, so we recommend not wearing them on a hike or in the rain. But they can still be worn, just be careful with them.


    This pair of stilettos is upcycled from a pair of Nike shoes and a pair of Zara stilettos, so of course, the shoes won't look brand new when you receive them, but on the other hand, we're doing the environment a favor.


    • Size 38 EU

    • Upcycled in Aarhus, Denmark

    • 1/1, one of a kind


     *This shoe is not made in collaboration with Nike or Zara

    Archive 404 - 002

    SKU: 158
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